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What We Do

The Rochester Astronomy Club maintains an active schedule of observing, public star parties, and informative meetings. Check out the front page of our web site for up-to-date events & information.

Public Outreach Programs

Public Star Parties:

The Rochester Astronomy Club schedules 1-2 public star parties per month, through early spring until late fall every year. Theses star parties are open to the public and hosted at either Mendon Ponds Park or Nothampton Park. This is a great opportunity for people interested in getting started in amateur astronomy, or just want to see what's up there, close up. We'll have anywhere between 6-12 telescopes on the field operated by club members, ranging from 4' in diameter to 20'. We encourage questions, and love to share advice. For more information contact our public outreach coordinator.

Saturday Night Planetarium:

The Rochester Astronomy Club supplies volunteer members to operate the 12 1/2" Cave telescope atop the Strasenburgh Planetarium most Saturday evenings, weather permitting. The telescope hours vary by season and objects in the sky, so visit our home page for weekly times, winter cancellations, etc. Call the Strasenburgh Planetarium box office at 697-1945 after 7:15 PM if you'd like to confirm that the observatory deck is open.

Telescope Buying/Using Seminars:

Members of the Rochester’s astronomy club, the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science, put on an annual event, “How to Buy the ‘Scope You’ll Love and Love the ‘Scope You Bought” Seminar at the Strasenburgh Planetarium. This program is for members of the public interested in purchasing or learning how to use a telescope. Its goal is to provide information so individuals and families can select a telescope or binoculars that fits their budget, interests, and expertise. Both prospective buyers, and current telescope owners confounded by their equipment, are invited to come for free, one-on-one advice and demonstrations of a variety of observing equipment. There are also displays of some of the fine astrophotography produced by ASRAS members.