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10" LX200GPS with goodies updated

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I've been thinking of selling my 10" Meade LX200GPS. This was John Davis' Young Astronomer of the Year national award scope. I purchased it from him when he left for Arizona State.

I went through the scope extensively (John loved to tinker and had taken it off the fork mount) and I did several repairs and adjustments to it (X,Y,Z axis and some helicoil screw mount repairs, replacing missing screws and adjusting in general, getting all the gear lash I could get out of it and carefully routing wiring, etc.). Not quite a 'Doctor Clay supercharge', but it works great. A few years ago, I purchased a Meade super wedge for it (at NEAF) and it also has a 2" 'eye opener' back for it, along with an accessory mounting rail on top for piggybacking. There is also a counterbalance weight and rail underneath.

This was one of the main astro-imaging setups not long ago and I'm sure it will work very well for that application, but I never got the hang of it and did not have the time/patience for the polar alignment. There is also a tripod dolly that I bought off the club when the basement at Ionia was being cleaned out.

I won't take less than $1,850 for the setup and believe it's worth better than that with all the accessories, but I would really like for it stay in the club, due to it's history. Please... no parting it out and trying to make a few bucks off it. I could do that, myself. If no-one has interest, I may go ahead and post it on astromart in the future.

Call or email me with any questions. I'm located just north of Brockport in Clarkson. See my profile info from the member list for contact info.