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Comet ISON - November 21, 2013

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I sent this to the group via email, but wanted to post the higher-resolution image for all to see. Makes a good "finder" image to locate the comet.
It will be just right of Mercury on Nov. 22nd, and to the right of Saturn on the 23rd.

Probably just a few more days to see it before perihelion on the 28th. Might be visible if tail grows longer and brighter.
After perihelion, it pretty much re-traces it's path, this time upward and to the left of the sunrise location.

From my email:

I wasn’t sure if skies would be clear or if the bright moon would cause issues, but wanted to try and get pictures of ISON anyway.

There were broken clouds and the moon was very bright. Plus, the comet has now moved into twilight skies, making it all the more difficult
to image. Here is a stack of 8, 10 second exposures at ISO 1600 using the 18-55mm “normal” lens on my Canon T3i at 55mm, f/5.6 (wide open).
No guiding this time – camera on a tripod. Very windy this morning which ruined several images and made for poor image alignments.

Spica is at top right, Mercury is at bottom left. The comet is the top of two bright objects in the lower middle part of the image. The star below
the comet is magnitude 4.9, so the coma of the comet is brighter than that.

Brad Timerson