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ASRAS ISON Project - First image

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Last Saturday morning, we had a great window of opportunity to capture our first exposures of ISON.
After some processing by Leo Kellett, the resulting image is found below.

While, we would prefer to take longer exposures, as it turns out, the comet is not yet bright enough to guide on. It was quite the challenge after finding this out in the big dome at 5:00am with the room full of project members . . . at first we were in denial about not being able to find ISON through the guide scope. . .. idea flew around the room. But finally. . . .
. . . .thanks to some quick math by Valerie and Brandon
. . . .and after a trial exposure
. . . .AND with the clock TICKING
. . . .AND with coffee going cold

we all accepted that ISON was NOT trackable, and did the next best thing: 20 sec, unguided, non-tracked exposures. The result is not too shabby!