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New Book about observing the Sun now available

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I would like to announce the availability of a new book on making observations of the Sun.

The book is entitled: "Observing the Sun: A Pocket Field Guide" written by Jamey L. Jenkins. It is a 5"x8" soft cover book of 242 pages. It contains photographs, many in color, a glossary, detailed information about identifying solar features, detailed information on the many types of observations that are possible including equipment, and many templates for making those observations. It is fully indexed.

Jamey published "The Sun and How to Observe It" in 2009.

He has contributed observations to the Sunspot Program of the AAVSO and is an active member of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) Solar Section.

The book is available on Amazon at:

I have a brochure outlining this book that I will email to anyone interested. Send me a request at: btimerson at rochester dot rr dot com
I have also attached the file to this message.

I had a small part in helping Jamey with the book as I supplied the detailed Solar Ephemeris for 2013-2016. If this is a concern, I am not receiving any money from this book.
I am providing this information for those that might be interested in a solar reference book and not to see any compensation for myself.

Brad Timerson