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Single Image of the Sun in Ha with Backyard EOS software

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Discrete objects like sunspots are best imaged, IMO, with a webcam but I've never had any luck getting sharp images of proms using that method and stacking. Also, it is nice to get some full disc images of the sun so I'm again trying to do it with the use of a DSLR. Focusing and imaging with Backyard EOS is much simpler than with Nebulosity 2 like I have been using so I opted for the 30 day free trial and I'm very pleased with it so far (thanks Gary, Leo and Joel). With the Canon XSi and a 1.75X Barlow, I get a good image size. I also wanted to try to get a decent compromise exposure of the surface and the proms to avoid making the composite images like I've done before. I'm not convinced that it is possible yet but the image attached is a single image taken on Sept. 10th here at home. There were no sunspots visible that day but there were some proms and some surface detail.