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April Open House and Work party 2013

Well, it worked! Scheduling an open house along with a spring work party seemed to kill to birds with one stone. It turned out to be a great day for both with nearly all of the listed jobs being accomplished.

I'm sorry if I missed anyone as there was so much activity but I counted 32 people who worked very hard to kick start the observing season at the Farash Center.

Even though there were hazy skies into the late hours, a few of our newer members stayed until around 10 p.m. or so trying their hand at astrophotography from the Farash Observatory building. Congratulations to Kim Horan, Stephanie Carlino, Alan Aufderheide and Ryan Brown for giving it a try and imaging the crescent Moon, M42 and M13 with guidance from Leo Kellett!

Thanks to:
Joel Schmid, Leo Kellett, Carol Latta, Dave McEneany, Ken Kressler, Mel Stebbins, Gary Opitz, Peter Blackwood, Kevin Cosgrove, Peter Bonneau, Larry Arbeiter, Karen Johnson, DAVE THOMPSON (!), Dave Jouppi, Nick Lamendola, Chris Pruzenski, Doug Kostick, Allison and Chris O’Brien, Al Russell, Stephanie Carlino, Kim Horan, Bob Crumrine, Ryan Brown, Vicki Rotolo, Alan Aufderheide, Chris Cassidy, Ray Ptucha, Mark, Vanessa, Alex and Catlin (a visiting family and I did not catch their last name).