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Early Spring Open House at the Farash Center March 17 2013

The turn out was very good with 3 of our observatories operating. We were able to catch some views of the sun from the solar building, view the moon, Jupiter, the beehive, the Pleiades, a number of the brighter M-objects and comet PanSTARRS. Everyone who stayed viewed the comet either with the naked eye, binos or through the 10" RC in the Farash Observatory. Kim & Stephanie took charge of opening the Cave building and it was in use until everyone left. The new focuser proved to be a nice upgrade to that telescope but the rolling staircase will need new wheels this spring. There were maybe half a dozen of us up in the big dome sweeping the western horizon and having a difficult time finding the comet. I believe it was Alan who first picked it up with his binos and after that, it was pretty easy to find ( Roger was mentally marking some trees that don't have much time to live ). Some were able to see it with the naked eye but I could not. The pink horizon glow right after sunset made it pretty difficult. Some members also were able to take some great photos. What a nice time and it was good to see so many new members! Nothing beats having your corned beef dinner at midnight!

Thanks to Alan Adams for fabricating a quality aperture diaphragm for our 130mm refractor, to Leo Kellett and Dave Bradley for continuing work on the observatory networking system, to Bob Easterly 1 and Joel Schmid for opening the site up and to everyone else for being there and sharing their experiences!