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New purchase of an older scope

Brett Carlson's picture

I heard a few people saw this on Craigslist. I ended up purchasing a Meade Starfinder 16" attached.

The story is that this was the sellers fathers scope. His father purchased this scope about 15 or so years ago. He ended up passing away about 7 years ago. While the son has an interest he didn't want to scope. The mother is moving out soon and he needed to sell this. He was happy that is want to someone who has a real interest and participates in public star parties.

He did ask me that my first light through this scope should be M57 the Ring....that was his fathers favorite. A request that I plan to follow.

As you can see the mirror is pretty beat up. I did a good rinsing and light touches with cotton balls and it did clean up a bit....enough to get by and get the mirror re-coated in the winter. It certainly needs some TLC but it seems to be quite a deal.

It is a big beast...and that cart that the father created is permanently bolted to the very bottom. Making the heavy base even heavier! He obviously didn't mean for it to be transported any farther that his yard. Lucky I have a van to transport it in! I do have to remove the back seat to fit the base in properly.

I do not have the viewfinder....the seller thinks he may know where it is and will try to get it to me. It does have a Televue Starbeam finder scope and it does work. I have never used one of these. Pictures on the internet show a flip mirror but this one has none. Maybe someone can give me some advise on this.