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Messier 22

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This is a beautiful object at the eyepiece. Easily resolved into hundreds, if not thousands of stars in my 10" on dark & steady nights. Last summer I began sketching this for a friend but was never exactly happy with the turnout. I recently re-mixed it to give it more of a structured & "globular-like" appearence, and I'd love to perhaps get some more details with the use of a larger telescope at the Ionia Site sometime. I remember the view of another globular, M56, through the 20" of Wolk Observatory (please correct me if I have that name wrong, I know it's one of the Farash Hill Observatories) that I got at the very first meeting I went to. Splendid, to say the least! Very bright and stars easily resolved; far-beyond anything my 10" has ever delivered.

Clear skies,
Brandon Doyle