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Status of the Solar Observatory at the Farash Center

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Today I laid out the location of the new solar observatory. Tonight, the West Bloomfield should approve our building permit and next week, hopefully, we can start drilling the holes for the building supports and telescope pier. As you can see in the 2 attached photos, the building will be about 20' to the west of the large concrete observing pad. This location is quite flat and has a nice view to the east, south and to the west (as soon as the trees in that direction are "trimmed". We will have to trench across the driveway to the big dome for power hookup. The building will be about 12' square with 6' sides, a drop down panel to the south like on the Wolk Observatory, an entry door on the EAST side and a roof that rolls off to the north. It would be nice to be able to bore the pier and support holes and get ready for pouring the concrete in the following week. I have a list made up for the building materials and have ordered the roof rollers and I'm waiting for a return call from BYO so I can order the roof drive unit. Luke has contacted Mike Bieler of Astronomics and placed an order for the mount and some of the optical equipment. If the weather allows, this building should go up quite quickly. If you can spare the time, please consider coming out and helping with the construction. I'll send out emails whenever one is planned. Thanks, Bob McG.