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Young Astronomers: YA January 21 Event at Ionia

Saturday’s Young Astronomers get together and Joshua DeBell’s birthday party combination at the observatory was a great success! The head count was about 55 people!

The day started out sunny and we had hopes of viewing some solar activity but, as often happens, the clouds rolled in about 2 p.m.
A fresh 2” coating of snow made for some very good sledding and for tracking animals on the observatory grounds and adjacent properties. We were able to identify and track deer, coyote, perhaps a dog or fox, rabbits and a couple of birds. Joe had excellent track identification hand outs for this activity.

After gorging on slices of fresh (98.6 degree) brain food, a program on Optical Illusions was presented by Bob McGovern followed by a workshop in electric motor construction by Rich Mulvey and son and the construction of models of Saturn by Valerie Rapson.
Someone needs to let Bob know that Halloween is over !


During this time, the clouds never parted and we ended the evening around 8 p.m. Photographs will be posted on our website and shown at the monthly meeting on February third. By the time I got our 3 GK’s home, the skies were pretty clear. Figures.