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M20, The Trifid

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......Due to a disk quota limit, I have maxed out my 10mb limit so I posted a link.....

Finally got a combination of time, moderately clear skies and a new moon. To bad it was hot and hazy.
I spent too much time jumping from target to target, breaking my cardinal rule of max time on one target. Oh well. There were to many things I wanted to image and only one clear night forecast for the weekend.
Here is 6 x 7min on the Trifid acquired with my Canon 7D using BackyardEOS. 10 darks, flats and bias. DDS, Dark Library, PSCS3. AP140/AP900/Miniborg50/PHDGuide.
I processed this on a new laptop so if the colors look goofy on your monitor, please speak up.
Thanks for looking...