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NGC 2403 - M33's twin sister ?

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Had a good run of clear nights this week !
Having the scope all set up and polar in the scope shed helps quite a bit.
I was able to get the max amount of time in on this target.
It seems very similair in layout and surface brightness to M33.
I have become very comfortable with layer masking now, and was able to use it to enhance all the colored bits and the Ha areas my unmodded 450D would not normally capture very well.

NGC2403 :
34 exposures 5 min @ ISO1600 + 12 exposures 2 min @ ISO 1600 for star colors.
Imaging Cam = Canon 450D xsi
Imaging scope = C8 XLT on the CG-5GT mount
Guide Scope = Orion ST-80 shorty
Guide cam = Meade DSI OSC
Guided with PHD
Stacked in DSS
Proccessed in PS CS4, Noels actions, Star Spikes pro