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Sledding Party at Ionia Observatory Site Jan 15 2011

What do you get when you combine a nice snowy day in January and some steep hillsides ?

The 2011 ASRAS Sledding Party !

Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday afternoon for our annual sledding party at the observatory in Ionia. We counted about 32 adults and kids on the hill or in the main building throughout the afternoon. The snow was great with a pretty stiff breeze out of the SW and totally overcast sky. The heavy overcast was a great benefit as seeing the sun could frighten some of the younger members unaccustomed to seeing their shadow. Anyway, it was great fun and good to be out of doors for a few hours. A special thanks to those who operated the grill (Lori, Chris P., ??) and helped clean up after it was over. Also, Thanks much to Ken Kressler who was there hours before it all started and removed all of the snow from the deck and building ramps!
Now, let spring come!