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Comet Hartley and Double Cluster

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This was my very first experience imaging a comet.
It also happens to be the first time I have ever seen a comet in an image that I have myself taken.
I did not get a chance to image Holmes, as I was still busy with other targets and learning the art of astrohotography.
And before that, I never paid much attention to astronomy before I got interested in AP.
On Thursday Oct 7th I went out and set up the AP gear. I tried to see the comet with binocs and with the scope before hooking up the camera, but the light dome over rochester prevented me from seeing any trace of the comet.

24 Exposures, 5 min ea @ISO 800, plus 24 exposures of the Double Cluster for background
Imaging scope = Orion ST-80
Imaging camera = Canon 450D xsi
Guide scope = C8 XLT on the CG-5GT mount
Guide cam = DSI OSC
Stacked in DSS - seperate stack for comet and background
Processed in PS CS4, noels tools, star spikes pro