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Science and Technology days at the Rochester Museum And Science Center 2010

ASRAS members Joel Schmid, Tom Kohler, and Joe Alteri attended the Science and Technology days at the Rochester Museum and Science Center this year on Dec 28th.
Science and Technology days is an annual series of days where families can come to the museum and visit with representatives from a wide variety of local clubs and organizations having to do with science and technology.

This year we were located on the second floor near the stairs on the west wall.
We had a nice display of Membership sign-up forms, Astronomy books, Astrophotos, and overhead projectors. Joe Alteri entertained many visitors with displays of google earth, Google mars, and Google universe.
Tom Kohler was also in attendance and provided lots of good info to our visitors.

All in all it was a great day and I thank Joe and Tom very much for their assistance and enthusiasm.
Thanks also to Jim Seidewand for his help in getting me in touch with the right people at the museum.