We had a great RocheStarFest 2013 !

Click HERE to see some images from this years RocheStarFest !

Past RochestarFest days :

RocheStarFest 2013

Another AWESOME ROCHESTARFEST is in the record books !

Despite the cool and cloudy weather we all managed to have a great time.
We certainly had a jam packed day of activities :

Lots of interesting talks from knowledgeable members both young and old :

We had great activities for kids like making astronomy jigsaw puzzles, sundial wrist watches, and face painting :

Of course we lots of interesting (and delicious) things for adults too !

We had tons of great door prizes and silent auction items :

And a demonstration of a hand built Camera Obscura built by Nick Lamendola :

A great barbecue FEAST cooked up by master chief Frank Bov :

We concluded a fantastic event with our feature lecture of the day by Dr Robert Sullivan on whats happening on Mars.

Thanks to all the hard work and participation of the many members, Ionia community volunteers, and family members for helping make Rochestarfest 2013 another top notch event !

RocheStarFest 2012

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RochestarFest 2011 Images

Here are some great images from this years RocheStarFest 2011 !

We had a great time this year at RSF 2011 !
It's always nice to meet up with friends and family old and new and just enjoy the site at Ionia as it plays host to a day full of activities.
Missed out this year ?
Enjoy this gallery of images and make plans for next year !

- We had a real live meteorite hunt with a metal detector on the hill behind the roll-offs ...

- Tried to contact friendly aliens and enjoyed the deck

Dug up some ancient bones . .

- Launched a whole bunch of helium ballons with our e-mail address attached and waited for door prize winners !

- Big crowd for the door prizes

The registration and silent auction crew hard at work ! Everyone gathers for dinner under the big tent !

Lift - Off ! . . . Bob Mcgovern ponders the princepals of flight ...

Dr. Judith Piper regaled us with the latest discoveries in IR deep space exploration !

2010 RocheStarFest

Group photo from RochestarFest 2010 by Peter Blackwood.

Chuck Spoelhof and brother John - The main speaker at RochestarFest 2010.

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2009 Starfest

Group photo by Peter Blackwood.

Al Russell's shot of the dinner tent during the outstanding lecture by Professor Eric Mamajek.

2009 Starfest information

The 2009 Starfest will be held July 17-18 at Ionia. Friday evening will feature several short talks followed by observing if clear. Saturday afternoon, there will be several short talks by members and guests, silent auction, Members Reception, and a Barbecue Dinner cooked on site. After dinner will be our featured speaker Prof. Eric Mamajek, University of Rochester Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. The title of his talk is 'The Exo-Planetary Zoo. Camping is available both Friday and Saturday nights but facilities are basic and no trailer hookups are available.

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2008 StarFest

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2007 StarFest

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