RochestarFest 2011 Images

Here are some great images from this years RocheStarFest 2011 !

We had a great time this year at RSF 2011 !
It's always nice to meet up with friends and family old and new and just enjoy the site at Ionia as it plays host to a day full of activities.
Missed out this year ?
Enjoy this gallery of images and make plans for next year !

- We had a real live meteorite hunt with a metal detector on the hill behind the roll-offs ...

- Tried to contact friendly aliens and enjoyed the deck

Dug up some ancient bones . .

- Launched a whole bunch of helium ballons with our e-mail address attached and waited for door prize winners !

- Big crowd for the door prizes

The registration and silent auction crew hard at work ! Everyone gathers for dinner under the big tent !

Lift - Off ! . . . Bob Mcgovern ponders the princepals of flight ...

Dr. Judith Piper regaled us with the latest discoveries in IR deep space exploration !