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The Marian and Max Farash Center for Observational Astronomy

Our Observing Site

Through gracious donations from Marion and Max Farash and the Louis S. Wolk Foundation, ASRAS has been able to acquire a large piece of land well away from the city lights. Our site, called the Marian and Max Farash Center for Observational Astronomy, serves as the centerpiece of the group's activities.

We are located at
8355 County Road 14
Ionia, NY

GPS address: 42.930976,-77.496872
42°55'46.7" N 77°30'01.7" W

A wide angle panoramic view of our observing site

A view of all three observatories at the top of the ridge

Like what you see ?
You can get a Key to allow you access to these wonderful facilities by speaking with site manager Bob McGovern. He can fill you in on the requirements to get a key. Look for him at the next meeting or EMAIL him